It turns out that the FODMAP checker I hacked together (see initial post) is getting quite a lot of traffic so now I'm putting some more time into it. The FODMAP checker can be found at

I posted about the site on Reddit here and got some great feedback. Here is a summary of the things I've had a chance to implement - they're available to use now:

  • Change wording to be "No information is available on X" if a food isn't in the database
  • Have a list of known low and high FODMAP foods instead of just a high-FODMAP list and change algorithm to look at both lists
  • Search substrings e.g. "an onion" should match "onion" / "spring onion"...

I've also been emailed asking for this idea to be made into an iOS or Android app. The first step is probably to introduce React so the code is cleaner and to make it less effort to write mobile apps from existing code.